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The mechanisms of the mind that mess up my life (if I don’t know them)!

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  • Awareness: what it is and how to achieve it

Modern life drags us in a thousand different directions, often leaving us with the feeling of being suspended in a vortex of thoughts and worries. In this incessant hubbub, mindfulness emerges as a valuable skill that allows us to reconnect with ourselves and the world around us.
Being aware means becoming aware of what is happening inside and around us at any given moment, without letting ourselves be carried away by the incessant streams of thoughts and superstructures
Awareness allows us to live in the present, the only temporal dimension in which we can truly experience our existence. Awareness allows us to understand our Unconscious Intentions and therefore, to direct our existence in the “right” direction for us.
Mindfulness is not a goal to be achieved, but rather a path that requires constant practice and commitment. I can develop both inner awareness and awareness of the world around me. To do this, I need to get in touch with the unconscious part of the mind to be able to access the external input channels, the senses, and the internal ones, the feeling; in this way I will be able to understand my unconscious intentions and start the path that leads me to their realization, proceeding in a fluid way with respect to the inner reality and the reality of the external world. Fluency allows me to get around obstacles and find the most ecological (effective and efficient) answers to the situations I will have to face, on the way to achieving my Intentions.
Mindfulness requires constant practice. Come qualsiasi abilità, diventa più forte e più Like any skill, it gets stronger and deeper with time and effort.con il tempo e l’impegno. In the online course you will experience and acquire some useful tools for activating the Unconscious part, which will be useful for setting up your daily training towards awareness.

  • Alibis and Superstructures

In modern society, we often find ourselves living lives that seem to be governed by alibis and superstructures. These complex concepts profoundly influence the way we think, act and perceive ourselves.
Alibis are the excuses we give ourselves to justify our actions, our shortcomings or our choices. Often, we create alibis to avoid facing uncomfortable truths or to hide behind a mask that makes us feel more acceptable in the eyes of others. Alibis can be based on fear of social judgement, fear of failure or an inability to take responsibility for one’s actions.
Superstructures are the patterns of thought and behavior imposed by society, which often limit us in our authentic expression. These superstructures can be cultural, religious, social or professional and can create rigid expectations about how we should be, what we should do and what goals we should pursue. Blindly following superstructures can lead to a life lived based on the expectations of others, rather than our true unconscious intentions.
Overcoming alibis and superstructures requires a deep work with Reality, both internal and external. In the online course you will learn about the nature of your alibis and your superstructures and you will acquire useful tools for overcoming them, so that you can leave room for the manifestation of your unconscious intentions without limits and fears.

  • Judgment and trust

Our way of perceiving others is often influenced by the judgment we carry with us. Judgment can create barriers in our communication and relationships, preventing us from experiencing mutual trust.
The world is constantly showing us that judging others is normal behavior and that it is part of everyone’s daily life. We are always ready to rule on other people’s behavior as if we were the ones experiencing that specific situation placed under judgement.
In the online course we will understand what the true nature of judgment is and we will understand, not only why it is not useful, but, above all, we will understand why we need to exercise it. And this will make us think a lot!
We will also understand that I can give Trust and inspire Trust only when I am aware of the mechanisms of Judgment and learn to manage them. Constructive relationships, in any field, are based on Trust; if I learn to generate it I will have a life full of small and big satisfactions, otherwise frustration will be a feeling that will accompany me on my journey.

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