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To become a Mental Coach you don’t need ad hoc degrees or specific certifications.

Coaching, in fact, is one of the many professions Not Organized in orders or colleges.
The Italian law n. 4/2013, which reformed these unorganized professions, establishes that (art. 1, paragraph 4):
«The exercise of the profession is free and based on autonomy, skills and independence of intellectual and technical judgement, in compliance with the principles of good faith, trust from the public and customers, correctness, extension and of the specialization of the offer of services, of the responsibility of the professional”.

Being a Coach involves the ability to work effectively and ethically with the mind of the Coachee, the client. As one of my teachers, John Grinder puts it, “at the end of a coaching session, the Coachee should feel better than they did at the beginning”. I would also add that this improved condition should last over time.
To achieve this goal, the Coach must know himself in depth and know how to work with his own mind. It is necessary to establish a deep Empathy and Rapport with the Coachee, avoiding imposing content and focusing instead on improving the client’s mental processes. Therefore, there is already a solid training that includes aligning with oneself and acquiring the techniques for working with others, it is considered essential to avoid any harm in working with the minds of others.

How the AA Method is applied

The “Advanced Awareness Method” is used to provide a highly personalized path that allows participants to enhance the use of their mind in order to be effective, ethical Coaches capable of managing the possible emotional loads that the coaching activity often leads. This method is based on Process techniques which, in the first Phase, the participant experiences directly and whose effects he will see in the short term, in order to enhance his own Unconscious and the Resources at his disposal. In the next Phase, this enhancement, together with the newly acquired resources, Coaching techniques are made available to be used with the coachees.

The “AA Method” is based on direct experimentation, while the theory is shared later, based on the experiences made. It is an innovative and “ecological” method for the participant, since learning takes place through the modification of the unconscious processes of the participant himself, who experiences the “change” on himself and internalizes the steps. In this way, the participant acquires the “right for him” tools to use with his future Coachees. Each will develop a unique and differentiated set of personal skills compared to that of the others.

The ultimate goal of the Participant is to maximize their natural potential and have a differentiating value from everyone else.

To whom it is addressed

  • To those who already carry out the activity of Coach and who wish to improve themselves and improve the results obtained, with the possibility of positioning themselves on the market at a higher level
  • To those who carry out similar professions and who wish to acquire Coaching techniques in a short time and in a targeted manner, to increase the service rendered to their clients/patients, as well as broaden their perimeter
  • To those who decide to acquire skills as a Coach and already have a good level of awareness and strong personal attitude towards the Coaching activity

How the Course works

Access to the course takes place through a preliminary interview to assess the congruence between the candidate and the pathway. This congruence is essential for the success of the course and ensures a stimulating learning environment for all participants.

Each course includes 2 to 4 participants and is divided into two phases.
The first phase consists of individual meetings with the trainer, which can be carried out in person or via the web (7 meetings of 1 hour and a half each).
The second phase is group and takes place in person during two consecutive days over the weekend.
At the end of the group session, an internal practical test is administered to verify the acquisition of the skills envisaged in the course. In the event that the test is not passed, the participant will have the opportunity to take advantage of free individual meetings (up to a maximum of 3) to fill any gaps. After these meetings, it will be possible to repeat the practical test.
At the end of the course, a certificate of professionalism will be issued which certifies the use of the “AA Method”.

To receive all the necessary information, including the cost and available dates, please contact us via the form on the “Contact Us” page or Whatsapp.

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